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10 Tips for playing golf well

There are many factors that influence sports performance. The means we use to try to achieve the best results make up a very long list. But to simplify and better understand how progress can be made, everything could be summed up in the close relationship between body and mind. If we don’t fall into the mistake of thinking that it all comes down to physical skills, and we understand that an important part depends on our attitude and mental acuity, the likelihood of success will be much higher.

Here are our 10 tips for playing golf well and help you achieve this:

1 Take a positive attitude. Don’t just stand there on the Tee looking at the fairway like if it was a host of insurmountable obstacles. You have to visualize yourself giving that perfect shot and self-convince yourself that you’ll make it.

Mijas Golf Los Lagos -1st Tee - Hole 1
Mijas Golf Los Lagos -1st Tee – Hole 1

2 Study each hole in advance and have a prepared strategy for each one. We cannot ignore that knowledge is power. Nowadays, the age of information, there is no excuse. On the internet we can find more information than we need (No need to reach saturation). The arrival at the Golf Club should be a “formal introduction” of someone you already knew.

3 Check your equipment, this is basic! We don’t want last minute inconveniences. Appropriate golf clubs, suitable attire, comfortable shoes, gloves…Everything has to be in perfect conditions.

Putting Green Grass
Putting Green

4 Use the practice area. Either because your last game was long time ago or just to warm up; you should practice a little before starting to play the course, please. Even the best do.

Mijas Golf Club - Driving Range
Mijas Golf Club – Driving Range

5 Bunkers are part of the game. Don’t panic if your ball ends up into one of them. Why do you think is all lost? Aren’t you qualified enough to get it out of there showing your skill and enjoying the challenge? My friend…then you have to go back to tip number 4.

Mijas Golf Los Olivos - Hole 13th
Mijas Golf Los Olivos – Hole 13th

6 Relax. You’ll be surprise of how many wrong shots are caused by one’s muscles all tensed up. You can be sure that stiffness will take its toll on.

7 Well nourished and hydrated. Actually, and this is not going to please many, it all starts the night before. There is no way to be splendid and play to the full after a long night of beers and shots. You will feel sleepy and dehydrated…and this will not be good companion. We are not saying you cannot enjoy of a special event or social occasion, we are just telling you that it will be better to overindulge another day.

Have plenty of water on hand and be clever choosing your meals or snacks. Healthy carbohydrates will give you energy: Fruit & vegetables, pasta, cereal bars or a sandwich of good ingredients. Who can say no to one with Iberian Ham, olive oil and tomato?

8 Prior excitement will make easy to forget about something as important as the weather forecast. We will spend at least four hours out there. Please be prepared considering this aspect.

9 Stay in good shape. This is undeniable in any sport’s practice. We cannot expect that our joints and muscles will respond so well if we don’t take care of them. A healthy weight and a work out frequency are important. We all get amazed at good shot from Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy or Adam Scott, but many ignore the hard work at the gym behind them to exercise mobility.

10 Don’t take it too seriously! It is supposed to be something that makes you enjoy, have fun and that you are passionate about; enjoy it! Cheer up if it is your partner who is making it amazing today. Be nice to yourself if things don’t go your way. Finally…make peace with the golf course and try another day…you never know; that’s the magic of golf.

Mijas Golf Olivos
Mijas Golf Olivos

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