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9 Golf Clubs Worth Investing In

The best golf clubs in the market


Not only in golf but in any other sport, not everything depends on the practitioner’s skills. I believe that we must all agree on the importance of the good equipment which, together with a correct training, will run in tandem to avoid frustration when we try to get the best possible results.  In this occasion, we will omit other external factors that may affect also as, at least for now, they are not under our control.

Although it is evident that even the best tools in inexperienced hands can’t work miracles, today we will focus on the topic of material investment. Something as personal as the time you can spend training, or as the spirit of excellence of each one. In the case of a sport which is so “hooking”, motivation won’t be a problem.

That being said, which are these recommendations? Well, we should start from the base: How many clubs do we need? Even when an advanced level would require 5 more clubs, 9 would be an acceptable number to cover the basics.

driver epic callaway1 Driver or 3-Wood: Have you seen the Calloway Epic? By using artificial intelligence, it has managed to create a club face to print more speed to the ball. On the other hand, as they used carbon to make the crown, they lighten the weight. This is of great help when the shot is a little uncontrolled.  Would you test it in such a long and well protected hole as the 5th of Los Lagos?


Golf ProStaff SGi Wilson


1 Number 3 or 4 Hybrid: Easier to control than a long Iron. Some of the best players, as Phil Mickelson or Sergio García, have enjoyed using this type of Rescue M2 de TaylorMadeclub to make the play more kind. With the Rescue M2 TaylorMade Hybrid, you can get accurate and long-distance shots from anywhere on the course. This will inspire that confidence in a hole like the 10th of Los Olivos; where you must play to the center and secure the position.  In the same category, the Wilson Golf ProStaff SGi can also get you off the hook.



M4 TaylorMade

4 Irons: As the hybrid will take the place of the number 3 or 4, we should have Irons from number 5 to 8; or 6 to 9. M4 TaylorMade Irons locate Iron Sets Apex de Callaway flexibility of the face on the impact area to provide more strength to the ball. The Calloway Iron Sets Apex are composed of urethane microspheres to absorb the unwanted vibration.  Its design combines technology and craftsmanship to result as elegant as effective.



2 Wedges: Tiger Woods himself has taken to the limit the concept of this club in his statement: “I like to have new Wedges almost every week I play because of the spin. I spend that much time chipping so the slots are easily worn out. The new Cleveland RTX 4 Wedge is a safe bet between the PGA Tour players; but its versatility makes it also ideal for medium handicaps. Our Los Olivos course can be a good challenge to prove it.



scotty cameron putterlanding phantomxPutter: An old Spanish golf saying is: “El Driver te da la Gloria y el Putter la Victoria” (The Driver will lead you to glory and the Putter to victory). Therefore, we must give this club the importance it deserves if we don’t want to end tearing your hair out…Under Par in Los Lagos’ fairways and then ruined all on the green? No way!

Each one of its parts (stick, grip, weight, head design…) can became subject of long conversations with a professional, but…to hold it in your hands and “listen” to the sensations isn’t a bad advice either.scotty cameron specialselect putterslanding

¿Which is one of our favorites? The new generation of Scotty Cameron putters has developed to be close to perfection in both appearance and sound, as well as in base.

taylormade-spider-tourThis is only one example, as many putters are worthy to be part of a Top 10. But, possibly, knowing that Dustin Johnson, John Rahm, Sergio García, Rory McIlroy and Jason Day have a preference for the TaylorMade Spider Tour Red or Black, finally made this club one of most sold in the world in 2019.


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