With its 6,536 meters, this course is the larger of the two in Mijas Golf. Lagos is a course with soft slopes, wide fairways and few forest trees obstacles; but at the same time, is defended by many bunkers, and not less than nine lakes (from which the course gets its name), which are eager to trap each and anyone’s ball.

In addittion, the greens are large and flat with sensitive undulations and the wide tees which can be accommodated to reduce or enlarge the difficulty to choice. Therefore, this course is suitable for all the kind of handicap players, being one of the most famous commercial courses of the Costa del Sol.

It has been totally refurbished in 2012, keeping the original design of Robert Trent Jones Sr. and most important changes are the larger greens, built to USGA specifications, and at the same time, all the teeing areas have been also distended. A completely new irrigation and drainage system has been installed all around the course, to permit the play at any season of the year (even with/after a hard rain).

Furthermore, new paths have been built on the course, which will allow the use of the buggy 365 days per year, avoiding the past problems when rainy days. Some areas that were not used to be part of the game, are now taking place in it, also taking advantage of some parts of the land that were a little bit forgotten.

The par has been back to the original par 72 due to the 15th hole had passed from a par 3 to a par 5, and hole number 16, which was a par 4, had become a par 3.

The water is now a more evident feature of the game, there are some lakes participating in several holes at the same time.

New Grass Specifications:

Tees, Fairways & Rough: Hybrid Bermuda Princess · 77

Greens & Antegreens: Agrostis Estolonifera 007 Variety

Hence, the course looks different now, the grass will be found only as part of the game, restricted to the course design; which has been supplemented and boosted with more nature areas than originally, and also has been increased by planting 500 more trees, etc.

Finally, the practice area includes now a snack-bar with a terrace and viewpoint which is between the 9th green and the 10th tee, just in front of the Putting Green.

Hole tu Hole

HOLE 1 | PAR 5 | H.C.P. 9
HOLE 2 | PAR 3  | H.C.P. 17
HOLE 3 | PAR 4 | H.C.P. 15
HOLE 4 | PAR 4  | H.C.P. 7
HOLE 5 | PAR 5 | H.C.P. 3
HOLE 6 | PAR 4  | H.C.P. 1
HOLE 7 | PAR 4 | H.C.P. 13
HOLE 8 | PAR 3  | H.C.P. 5
HOLE 9 | PAR 4 | H.C.P. 11
HOLE 10 | PAR 4  | H.C.P. 2
HOLE 11 | PAR 3 | H.C.P. 8
HOLE 12 | PAR 4  | H.C.P. 10
HOLE 13 | PAR 5 | H.C.P. 4
HOLE 14 | PAR 4  | H.C.P. 6
HOLE 15 | PAR 5 | H.C.P. 16
HOLE 16 | PAR 3  | H.C.P. 18
HOLE 17 | PAR 4  | H.C.P. 14
HOle 18 | PAR 4 | H.C.P. 12
HOLE 1, 10 y 13