1.- All the extras as golf carts, trolleys, etc. are not included in the price and will be paid on arrival. Use of the Buggies: The 90º rule will be applied on both courses, if the weather and/or the ground conditions permits it. Maximum 2 buggies every 4 golfers and 1 bag per person. IMPORTANT BUGGIES RESERVATION!

2.- Handicap certificates are compulsory and will be requested. MAXIMUM HANDICAP: LADIES 36 – MEN 28.

3.- Check in reception 30 minutes before your tee time, and also, ensure prompt arrival at the starter’s hut.

4.- Players arriving late will miss their tee-off time and will not be entitled to any refund, therefore, No Shows will be charged.

5.- MGI only permit play as 4-Ball games, thus golfers booking smaller parties may be teamed when necessary. Consequently, the Management reserves the right to make up 4-Balls at their discretion. The customer may have, if the availability of times permits it, the possibility to pay the full tee-time (4 balls) in order to guarantee the exclusivity. Please reserve always the following formats as below:

SIX PLAYERS: 4+2 or 2+4 balls / NINE PLAYERS: 4+3+2 or 2+3+4 balls / TEN PLAYERS: 4+4+2 balls

6.- The Appropriate Golf Attire: Shirts with Collars and Sleeves, Slacks, Tailored Shorts, Short Socks and Golf Shoes with Soft Spikes. International rules of etiquette must be observed.

7.- In case of inclement weather conditions, no refund will be made, if the course is not officially closed.

8.- The system is “golf reservation – on request basis”. MGI will do its utmost to satisfy customer’s requirements, subject to availability. MGI reserves the right to modify start times and courses where necessary.

9.- Consecutive tee-times every 10 minutes from the 1st tee (Except unusual days due to maintenance reasons and / or other causes). Any other schedule must be requested, budgeted and approved by the Management.

10.- The green-fee price does not include any other kind of service and / or involvement of the Club in the game (handicaps revise, scorecard production, posting signs on buggies, results checking and sending to the Federation, rating list, etc.)

11.- It is not allowed any kind of provisioning, catering installation, prizes giving, ect. at Mijas Golf facilities without previous permission from the Management; to discuss about this sort of agreement, please contact Mijas Golf Restaurant; which will be able to elaborate a detailed budget including any service / concept that the clients think they might need.

12.- It is not allowed to install any kind of advertising at Mijas Golf facilities without previous authorization from the Management.

13.- Dogs or any other kind of animals are not allowed in the entire club.

14.- Non-players companions under 14 years old are not allowed.


We urge you to double-check the weather forecast for the day of play and/or the previous days, in order to avoid disappointments, unnecessary travels, etc…caused by course closure; as the play may be suspended due to dangerous weather conditions (such as thundering storm, lightning, heavy rain…) or damage occasioned by this meteorological situation (flooded greens, mud…). The decision will be made by the management and is final*.

Based on the Green-keeper evaluation after checking the courses on the day of play. Please note that is not possible to know his consideration – course playable or not – before the same morning after 07.30 am (normal opening time).