Avda. Louison Bobet,1-3-5, 29650 Mijas – Málaga (España)

Cancellation and Payment Policy

Bookings of:
Cancellation Period
payment policy

1 to 4 players

24h. in advance

ON ARRIVAL: We will need a credit card details as guarantee and your signed authorisation (1)

5 to 8 players

48h. in advance

ON ARRIVAL: We will need a credit card details as guarantee and your signed authorisation (1)

9 to 16 play

7 days in advance

ON ARRIVAL: We will need a credit card details as guarantee and your signed authorisation (1)

More than 16 Players / Intermediaries

15 days before

15 DAYS IN ADVANCE: You will receive by e-mail an Authorisation Prepayment form to be filled with your details (2)


(1) 1 to 16 Players:

In order to confirm your booking, please fill the details enclosed to your reservation (CREDIT CARD AUTHORISATION – VISA/MASTER CARD) to complete with the reservations department process. Should we not hear from you within the next 48 hours, then, we will understand that you no longer require this reservation and it will be automatically cancelled.

*Please note that 0.01€ will be withheld for 8 days as a banking measure to confirm the credit card validity, this amount will be automatically returned after the mentioned period.

(2) More than 16 players

1.- On application of a reservation, you will be notified by fax or email the confirmation of your booking, please confirm us the reception by sending us an e-mail.

2.- Payment in full will be required 15 days before arrival date; and this can be paid either by Visa/ Master Card, Cash or Bank transfer.

3.- In case that full payment has not been received 15 days before arrival, you will received by fax or e-mail a pre-payment authorisation form to be filled with your details.

Should we not hear from you within the next 5 days after, we will understand that the booking is no longer required and this will be automatically cancelled.

4.- Cancellations will not be accepted once payment has been completed, unless force majeure.

Cancellation Number: 

All cancellations will be supplied with a Cancellation Number by MGI; The Customer/Agency should request and keep this number in case of future claims.

Bookings Online:

The credit card supplied to the IMASTERGOLF payment gateway is only as guarantee of  your booking in case of  No Show or cancellation outside of the correspondent period. Therefore. the final payment will be done at the Golf course on arrival, furthermore,  it can be made by cash or credit card (WE ACCEPT ONLY VISA OR MASTER-CARD).

The transaction fee online is done directly by IMASTERGOLF. For that reason, please check further details, cancellation policy and/or other terms and conditions, please refer to your booking confirmation.  

Due to the payment method and the cancellation period of online reservations, we will not accept reservations from more than 8 players; higher bookings and  formats of play * will be supervised and monitored by Mijas Golf Club, who reserves the right to change the game format and/or prepaid payment.

* https://mijasgolf.org/en/rules-of-play/

Important note:

Mijas Golf Club reserves the right to refuse and cancel any type of online reservation made by individuals, tour operators, intermediaries or companies that have had any type of incident, non-payment, lack of payment commitment, etc. (offline and/or online with Mijas Golf Club). Therefore, we ask these clients to contact previously with the reservations department in order to avoid disappointments, commissions for unnecessary transactions charged by a third party such as Imastergolf (Portal Golf Gestión, S.A.)

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